Value Areas in Liberty and Beyond

Value Areas in Liberty and Beyond

Saturday May 29th, 2021


Looking to purchase a new home?


Congratulations! This is one of the biggest and rewarding decisions you’ll ever make. Before making the move, you’ll want to make sure that you’re choosing an area that is right for your family and can provide the best value for your money.


Moving to the Liberty Village area, queen west, or the junction are all excellent locations to make your new home.


When you purchase real estate in this area, you’ll be getting great value for your money in terms of location. Just south of Queen St. West, in Liberty Village, you’ll be near all the trendy stores, close to the entertainment district, and near enough to take a relaxing scenic walk by the lake.


Everything you need is within walking distance


Don’t have a car? That’s no problem. Here, you can get to everything you need and want on foot and by public transportation.


Shop local


In the warmer months in Liberty Village, you can purchase local at the farmers market, where a large number of local vendors sell a variety of fresh produce. If you don’t feel like or don’t have the time to cook, there are also a number of excellent patios to choose from throughout the summer months. The Craft Brasserie in Liberty Village is a spot known for its overwhelmingly extensive beer menu, a variety of snack foods and burgers. The village is also known for its brunch options. If you’re a fan of getting brunch, School Restaurant is a must check-out place. Their menu features a super cheesy bacon French toast and apple crumble cakes.


Queen West is also home to a number of excellent dining options, including Clafouti, a bakery that specializes in pastries and sandwiches. 


Craving Poutine? Poutinis House of Poutine, located in the Queen West area, has a poutine for everyone. Their menu features a traditional option with cheese, fries and gravy and more adventurous options, including a BBQ pulled pork poutine and the works poutine with sour cream, bacon and chives.


The Junction also has some tasty eating options for dine-in. If you enjoy Mediterranean food, Luna Junction is a delicious option. Their menu features spicy Portuguese jumbo shrimp and fire-roasted okra. Chica’s Chicken is also a popular spot in the Junction, featuring a taste of Nashville with their hot chicken sandwiches.


Green spaces


Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to great parks! If you make the move to Liberty Village, there are four parks you can choose from to get some exercise, enjoy a picnic, or just get a breath of fresh air - the Liberty Village Park, Bill Johnston Park, Gateway Park, and Lamport Stadium Park. It’s also an excellent space to take your dog for a walk or get your kids out of the house for some much-needed exercise. 


The Junction is also home to plenty of green space – the area features ten parks and recreational facilities within its boundaries, including Upper Junction Park and Vine Avenue Playground.


Queen West has a number of parks as well, including the popular Trinity Bellwoods Park.


Work with experts


Moving is a monumental life decision – and you want to work with the best. At D&G Realty, we can help make the moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your family. We’re a full-service real estate team with a passion for the industry and our clients. You can count on us to be by your side every step of the way!


Interested in working with us?


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