Preparing a listing for the Spring market- what buyers in 2021 are looking for

Wednesday Apr 07th, 2021


Preparing a listing for the Spring market- what buyers in 2021 are looking for




Looking to sell your home this spring? We’ve compiled a list of things to focus on and what interested buyers are looking for - so you can ensure your home sells as quickly as possible, and for the price you deserve.


In the current market, it’s especially important to pay close attention to your outdoor space. Pre-pandemic, your outdoor area was just an attractive selling point, but now, with more people spending the majority of time at home, it’s taken on a new significance. Make sure to clean up the backyard and front yard space to look as appealing as possible. Hanging fresh flower baskets can induce feelings of peace and happiness in your buyer, and also add a nice pop of colour.


Consider adding a fence to your backyard if you don’t already have one

A fenced in backyard provides not only privacy, but a safe area for kids and pets to enjoy the outdoors, making it an important purchasing point for families with young kids and animals.


Energy efficient

Before placing your home on the spring market, it’s worthwhile to make sure that it’s as energy efficient as possible. With people spending more time at home, it’s important for them to know when making the investment that their heating bill isn’t going to set them back significantly throughout the winter months.

Windows in particular are a major source of heat loss, so take the opportunity to revamp your windows and select ones that are high quality and will keep an even temperature. Taking the time to do this can help your home sell even quicker.

Making your home as energy efficient as possible could also be as simple as checking the caulking and weather stripping, and plugging any gaps to prevent heat loss. If you move forward and make some upgrades, highlighting these energy efficient additions is sure to peak the attention of potential buyers.


Open up your living space

Another key selling feature that buyers are looking for this spring is an open living space. Of course, you have to work with what you have unless you’re doing major renovations, but there are some simple ways to do this that are very cost effective. Hanging one or two mirrors near windows in the living room can make your space appear much larger and open than it actually is.

If your furniture is bulky, also consider updating it before placing your home on the spring market. Sleek, compact furniture can do wonders for opening up your living space.


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